COVID re-opening

Physical changes to your barbershop

We have made several physical changes to your barbershop for everyone’s safety:

  • So we can control number of people at any one time in the shop, services are provided upon appointment only, no walk-in – front door access might be blocked
  • So we can respect physical distancing at all time, walkways and barber’s working areas are identified with tape on the floor
  • Barber stations are at greater distance from each other, using the waiting room and game area
  • No access to bathroom
  • The waiting room including all books, magazines and games have been removed 
  • The pool table is covered and unavailable
  • We have extended our appointment times by 15 minutes that will allow us more time between each client for enhanced sanitation of our tools and implements, chairs, working area, and getting ready for the next client
  • A plexiglass shield is installed at the front desk
  • Concrete counter are covered for easy and effective wiping
  • Since physical distancing is impossible, we will all be wearing masks and/or visor – don’t you worry, you’ll recognize us!
  • Distribution of drinks is temporarily interrupted
  • Testers are removed
  • Access to products is restricted to staff
  • There will be no barbershop dog


During the lockdown, away from your barbershop

Cut Cartel Barbers got ready for effective sanitation by taking online courses; certifications will be displayed in the shop. Those certifications are industry standards.


Your next visit to your barbershop

Here is how your barbers plan your next visit at the shop based on their own Safety Protocols combined with the Personal Services Protocols recommended by WorkSafe BC and the Provincial Health Officer to protect people from COVID-19.

  1. First and foremost, if you have fever, cough, chest pain or feel ill, please cancel and rebook. Your barber will have no other choice to deny services
  2. Wash hair prior
  3. Be on time for your appointment as it will be very difficult to maneuver with no waiting room and no walk-in 
  4. Wait outside until it’s your appointment. Your barber should be waiting for you at the door (door way might be blocked)
  5. Wear your own mask; if you don’t have one, your barber will provide you with one before you come in to the shop
  6. Your barber will welcome you taking your body temperature with a non-intrusive thermometer; sorry, Athena the dog won’t be there to welcome you!
  7. Disinfect your hands with the provided hand sanitizer dispenser inside the shop, at the door; your barber will do it as well
  8. Leave your jacket and cap on a hook; avoid touching clothes already hooked
  9. Follow your barber to their chair following the outlined walkways
  10. Unfortunately, you won’t be offered a drink for now
  11. Your barber will already have disinfected your chair, so you can sit comfortably right away with nothing to worry about
  12. You’ll be covered with a fresh cape and disposable neck wrap
  13. Your mask might be temporarily removed during service for easy access (e.g.: sideburns), depending on type of mask you wear
  14. Refrain from talking during facial services; mask will be put away for the shortest period of time as possible
  15. Discuss needed products with your barber before you leave; she/he will get those while you wait on your barber chair
  16. Pay-out will be done at the front desk (we accept cash, but we encourage clients to use tap or debit/credit), and book your next appointment


While you are away from the shop

  • Non-station surface areas (e.g. counters, door knobs) will be disinfected every hour
  • A thorough disinfection will be done at the end of each work day
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers will be refilled
  • All capes and safety gear will be sanitized according to industry standards


These changes will help all of us stay healthy and safe. In the end we are here to serve you as we always did and we thank you for your patience and understanding of our new way of working.

We are all in it together!

Stay safe

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