Meet Your Barber

Bella ~ Barber / Manager

Favorites Services: Skin Fade, Fade, Classic Cut, Hot Shave, Mustache and Beard Trim

Interests: Motorcycle riding, playing music, camping, snowboarding, fly fishing, enjoying life and wine with friends around a campfire

Bio: After many years in business development, marketing and customer service, I decided to reorient my career towards one of my greatest passions, to be a barber. For me, being a barber is more than a profession, it is the art of being handsome. I look forward to meeting you and sharing my passion and my art with you.

Emberly ~ Barber

Favourite Services:  Classic Cut, Fade, Flattop, Balancing Thinning/Balding Hair

Interests:  Hiking, Exploring the island, Disc golf, Spending time with family

Bio: I am an island girl, a little introverted but very friendly. I have had a passion for cutting hair since I was 12, when I began practicing on friends and family. I have been cutting hair professionally for about 5 years. I went to hairdressing and barbering school, barbering isn’t a job to me, it’s my life. I am a perfectionist, always learning and improving myself. I’m excited to meet you and make you feel like a new man.

Andre ~ Barber

Favorite services: Hot shave, Fade, Classic Cut

Interests: motorcycle riding, snowboarding, camping, cooking/BBQing

Bio: I was born in Quebec, travelled part of the world and eventually ended up in Western Canada because of my love for the sea and mountains, where I ski-patrolled for few years. After 35 years of engineering, founding and operating an engineering firm for 15 years, I reached that part of life you call retirement (actually more of a semi-retirement!!). I wanted to do something different but making sure that I was making people happy. I used to own a French Bistrot few years ago, and liked the idea of having guests coming to my place for a treat and enjoying life… not wanting to get back to restaurant business, barbering seemed to be a good way to go!!! So, I went to barbering school, and now I’m an apprentice barber. Feel free to be my guest and I’ll be more than happy to chat and share travel stories and life experience!

Athena ~ Mascot and Greeter

Favorite Services: Sleeping, Greeting Clients

Interests: Sleeping again, Pulling dog-walkers

Bio: I am a 5-years old rescued French Mastiff. My main role is to give happiness. Beside being great at slobbering, I supervise barbers by laying down between their legs at their work station (I must have a close look at what they do). I monitor street traffic from the shop windows, making sure no dogs is using my private bush tree in front of the shop. I aspire at being the barber’s private lunch taster… I just want to make sure they’re eating healthy after my standards! I usually don’t bark; that said, everybody jumps when I do (wonder why though). I just love greeting everyone coming in to the shop. Come to the shop for a meet and greet!